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Daily Updated

Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019
Submitted on 16/8/2019
Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019

Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019
Submitted on 16/8/2019
Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019

Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019
Submitted on 16/8/2019
Suggestions to MOT regarding Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2019

Guidelines for National Tourism Awards 2017-2018 Last date: 26 August 2019


The Ministry of Tourism,Government of India presents National Tourism Awards to various segments of thetravel and tourism industry every year. These awards are presented to StateGovernments/ Union Territories, classified hotels, heritage hotels, approvedtravel agents, tour operators and tourist transport operators, individuals andother private organizations in recognition of their performance in their respectivefields and also to encourage healthy competition with an aim to promotingtourism.

The selection of theawardees is made by Committees constituted for the purpose and the decision ofthe Ministry of Tourism is final and binding. Applications have to be made inproper forms, wherever specified. Unless otherwise mentioned, the entries forthe award should have been published or the activities undertaken during theperiod April, 2017 to March 2018.

The Ministry of Tourism,Government of India reserves the right to change the criteria, the parametersfor consideration and all other relevant provisions for selection of Awardsfrom time to time. The decision taken shall be at the sole discretion of theSecretary (Tourism), Government of India and will be treated as final.

General Instructions:

-        Last date forreceipt of entries in the respective divisions is 26th August, 2019 (1600 Hrs.)

-        Entries should besent as hard copies and strictly in the formats where specified.

-        The E-mail IDs areprovided only for addressing enquiries and award entries may not be sent onthese e-mail IDs. Hard copies of the entries/ applications duly signed in Inkby the applicant would be accepted.

-        Each entry should beaccompanied by a 100 word write up on the entry, a high resolution photograph ofthe award winner or award winning entry of minimum 100 dpi for inclusion in theaward brochure, if the entry wins an award. The material should be sent indigital format on CD/USB Drive.

-        Each entry should besent in a sealed packet / envelope containing the entry must have the name and contactdetails of the organization submitting the entry along with the category forwhich the entry is being submitted. Entries may be forwarded to respectiveDivisions in the Ministry of Tourism.

Hall of Fame Award:- It may be noted that anyorganization / agency / State Government / Union Territory etc., which has wonthe National Tourism Award in a particular category for the last 3 consecutiveyears and wins the National Tourism Award for the 4th time in the same categorywould be given "Hall of Fame" Award. However, the applicant shall beeligible to receive the "Hall of Fame" Award, subject to submissionof entry for National Tourism Awards, the same meeting the criteria/ parameterslisted for the concerned category and the Committee recommending the entry forwinning the National Tourism Award for the 4th time.

The applicant receiving the"Hall of Fame" Award would not be eligible for applying for the NationalTourism Awards for that particular category for the next 3 years, after thereceipt of the "Hall of Fame" Award.





Sl. No.

Category of Awards


Where to Submit Applications


Travel Agents / Tour Operators / Tourist Transport Operators






Tourist Transport Operators

Category I (2 awards)




Turn over through tourist transport operation only, of Rs. 50 Crore and above.

Assistant Director

General (Travel Trade),

Ministry of Tourism,

Government of India,

Room No. 23, C – 1

Hutments, Dara Sukoh

Road (Earlier

Dalhousie Road), New

Delhi – 110 011.


All enquiries, however,

may be directed to

telephone no: 011 –

2301 2805 or E-mail

ID: neeraj.sharan@nic.in


Category II

(2 awards)




Category III

(2 awards)

Turn over through tourist transport operation only, of Rs. 10 Crore& above and less than Rs. 50 Crore


Turn over through tourist transport operation only, of Rs. 1 Crore and above and less than Rs. 10 Crore












A:Travel Agents/ Inbound/Domestic / Adventure/MICE Tour Operators/ TouristTransport Operators

4.Best Tourist Transport Operator (Please tick mark (√) the relevant Category):

Category– I Rs. 50 cr. and above ( ).

Category–II Rs.10 cr and above but less than Rs. 50 cr ( ).

Category–III Rs.1 Cr and above but less than Rs.10 Cr ( ).

(Amount in lakh)


Domestic tourists handled

Foreign tourists handled

Foreign Exchange Earnings accrued (convertible in INR)


Indian Rupees Earned (B)

Total Turnover (A + B)













% change in 2017-18 over








It ismandatory to indicate the following (if applicable). The entry would be rejectedoutright if left unfilled.


Year of Award already received under this category

Tick mark (√) the appropriate year

Prize bestowed by MOT (viz First / Second / Third)



















(I)       Signature of Statutory Auditor:



       (Official rubber stamp)




(II)                 Signatureof Authorized Signatory:



(Official rubber stamp)





Applicationform for National Tourism Awards pertaining to Travel Trade segment for theYear 2017 – 2018

(Pleasewrite in capital letters).

(A)     Company’s Name:___________________________________________

(B)     Address with PinCode:_______________________________________

(C)     Telephone nos. with STD or AreaCode________________________

(D) Mobileno:_____________________________________________________

(E)     Email ID andwebsite:________________________________________

(F) Validity of approval of recognition / renewal/ extension (please indicate exact date and attach a copy of letter): validityfrom ___________to____________

The following documents would have to be submittedalong with the entries for consideration of awards:-

All theapplication Forms have been prescribed with the respective National TourismAward Category pertaining to Niche Tourism segment for the assessment year2017-18, which the agencies/organizations must fill up and forward the samealong with the following documents to the address as mentioned below forconsideration of awards.


(i)    Furnishall information, exactly, as per the application form, for the purpose ofawards duly certified by the Statutory Auditor(s) of the service provider(s).

(ii)   Acopy of letter indicating recognition / approval / renewal granted by theMinistry of Tourism, Government of India or its Regional India Tourist Offices,valid on or before 31st March 2018 may be provided with the application.

(iii) All the financial documents,including the certificates regarding total turnover in the relevant categoryfor the last two financial years, duly certified, signed and stamped, by theStatutory Auditor / Chartered Accountant of the service provider.

(iv) A copy of Audited Balance Sheetand Profit and Loss account with the Auditors Report for the latest financialyear (April 2017 – March 2018) duly signed and stamped, by the StatutoryAuditor / Chartered Accountant of the service provider.

(v)    Acopy each of the acknowledgement of Income Tax Returns for the latestassessment year (April 2017 – March 2018).

(vi)   Certificatesin original of Statutory Auditor / Chartered Accountant of the serviceprovider, clearly stating the Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) received onlyfrom handling Inbound Wellness Tourists, Inbound Medical Tourists, and in INRin case of Domestic Wellness Tourists, & Domestic Medical Tourists duringthe last two financial years i.e., April 2016 – March 2017 & April 2017 –March 2018.

(vii) Promotional material such asphotographs, CDs, brochures, folders and the details of Tourist Arrivals(Inbound & Domestic tourists) handled during the last two financial yearsi.e., April 2016 – March 2017 & April 2017 – March 2018 in respect ofentries being submitted for consideration of award for the category of MostInnovative Tourism Product.

 (x) All documents should also beself-certified by its Managing Director /Managing Partner / Owner orProprietor.

3.    Ifthe service provider is approved in more than one category (viz. Travel Agentsor Inbound Tour Operator or Adventure Tour Operator or Tourist TransportOperator or Domestic Tour Operator etc.) then separate application forms shouldbe filled up and submitted along with the relevant documents as mentioned inpara 2 above.

4.    Incompleteapplications will not be entertained by the Committees constituted for theselection of awardees. Therefore, agencies applying for consideration of awardsmust ensure that applications are adequately filled up and required documentsattached, suitably.

5.    Applicantsmay be required to make a presentation in the Ministry of Tourism regardingtheir case.

6.    Theapplication forms duly filled in along with the essential documents as indicatedabove should be submitted to Niche Tourism Division at the address mentionedabove on or before the last date of submission of entries.

7.    Applicationsby e-mail will not be accepted and only Hard Copies of the entries /applications duly signed in Ink and with official seal would be accepted. Incompleteapplication would not be eligible for consideration.

8.    Thecategory of the National Tourism Award may be indicated on the envelope.

9.    Thecomplete applications should be submitted to the office of Assistant Director(Niche Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Room No. 14, C – IHutments, Dara Shikoh Road (Earlier Dalhousie Road), New Delhi – 110 011. Tel:011 – 2301 2641. (Applications by email would not be accepted)


Guidelines for National Tourism Awards 2017-2018 Last date: 26 August 2019

High Security Registration Plates
Letter submitted ith Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 
High Security Registration Plates

High Security Registration Plates
Letter submitted with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 
High Security Registration Plates


URGENT                URGENT                URGENT


10th August 2019


Dear All members,


Numerous queries have been receivedfrom ITTA members with respect to the recent attached order No.ADC/TT/HQ/2019/D-619 dated- 26th July 2019 (which is selfexplanatory) issued by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) under chairmanShri. Bhura Lal, chairman EPCA directing that “No Commercial Vehicle willbe permitted to enter Delhi post 15th Aug. 2019”. Inother words, installation of RFID tags for all Commercial vehicles enteringDelhi has been compulsory / mandatory post 15th Aug. 2019 forpayment of MCD Toll Tax.


Meaning of RFID -(Radio Frequency Identification)for lay-mens understanding  is a simple card with a unique no. which canbe read by the scanners, installed at all MCD toll plaza’s  permittingentry of vehicles without obtaining the manually issued MCD Toll Tax receipt.It also enables you to track the movement of any vehicle, online.


Methodology -The RFID tags would have to bepre-registered by paying a fee pf Rs.200+ 18% GST totaling to Rs 236/.

These RFID Tags are to be obtainedfrom 13 Toll plaza’s as mentioned in the attached order.  

The Tags in question have to bepre-loaded with sufficient amount, out of which the applicable MCD toll taxamount will get deducted, each time a vehicle passes through / crosses througha toll plaza.

Pre-registration of these tags, hasto be carried, individually for each commercial vehicle by submittingself-attested copies of the following documents:

ü  Registration Certificate of each vehicle.

ü  Motor Insurance.

ü  Address Proof.

ü  Mobile No. of registered owner for OTP confirmation.

ü Respective physical vehicle.




All CNG operated vehicles are exempted.

FYI, Fastags are different &cannot replace these RFID tags.

Fastags is a brand of a tollcontractor – Digital Smart Solutions authorized by NHAI to collect only thetoll taxes being levied on Highways under the jurisdiction of  NHAI.

Whereas RFID Tags are being issuedby SDMC authorized Toll contractors – M/s. MEP Infrastructure Development Ltd.& RFID Concessioner ire – M/s. Tecsidel India Pvt. Ltd. – GHV India Pvt.Ltd. (JV) for collection of only MCD Toll Tax.


RFID Tags:



Enables easy movement / crossing over of commercial vehicles on toll plaza’s so thereby avoiding delays due to waiting in long queues.


Enables you to get a better fuel efficiency which otherwise gets consumed in excess due to idle running of vehicular engine.


Curtails vehicular pollution due to reduce idle running of engine.


In case of any emergency, enables you to track your vehicle.


Prevents manipulation of toll tax receipts by drivers.


On line verification against the toll taxes paid can be carried out, any time.



 In the absence of any physical receipt against payment of toll taxes, supporting  will be a challenge for re-imbursement by  the end user/client. 



For claiming re-imbursement of toll taxes, paid a statement reflecting the transaction has to be  downloaded from the RFID /bank account which may create doubts at client end


 The Enforcement Agencies may take a legal action against the usage/movement of diesel vehicles being operated within Delhi/NCR by tracking the movement of such vehicles through these RFID Tags. Since, CNG vehicles have been clearly exempted.


 This may also help the Enforcement Agencies in  tracking the usage/movement of diesel vehicles registered outside Delhi, whereas, being operated within Delhi/NCR


 Since these RFID Tags have to be pre-loaded, an additional investment is required  to be made, in advance.


Important: It is pertinent to notethat the aforesaid orders have been issued by SDMC which falls under thejurisdiction of Delhi Government. Henceforth, it translates to governing ofvehicles registered within Delhi.


Warm regards,


Withinputs from Shri Pradeep Goel, ISG Car & Bus Co.



12thAugust 2019




Greetingsfrom ITTA


Thisis further to our mail on Saturday regarding RFID Tags for tourist vehicles.


Ispoke to the firm issuing RFID tags and they have agreed to visit a centralizedplace to distribute the tags.  I haveoffered my parking lot at Mahipal Pur and they have informed me that they areready to come distribute tomorrow subject to a minimum requirement of 250 tags.


Membersare requested to send in their suggestions, so that, we can coordinate withthem.  Your response must reach us latestby 5 pm today.  Address in Mahipal puris:


TenTravels Private Limited


NewDelhi – 110 037


Thanksand regards,