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Useful Links


DescriptionThis is the official website of Ministry of Tourism , Govt of India and for the purpose of getting recogntion/renewal following documents are required to be scanned and uploaded:
1.  Passport Size Photo
2.  Latest Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account
3.  Details of Loans and Mortgages – certificate fdrom Chartered Accountant
4.  Reference Letter from your Bank 
5.  Copy of Registration Certificates of vehicles
6.  Copy of ITR (Income Tax Return)
7. Copy of Lease Deed/Rent Agreement of Office Space
8.  List of Clients
9.  List of Vehicles 
10. Qualification Certificates of employees (if any)
11.  Registration Certificates/Licence etc.
12. GST Registration Certificate 
13.  Turnover Certificate from Chartered Accountant 

Additional supporting documents :

  1.  Approval letter from MOT in case of renewal 
  2. Rent Receipt
  3. Affidavit giving the area of the office space in case area is not specified in Rent Agreement/Lease Deed 
  4. Any other document which you feel will help to get the recognition/approval
2.     Online Tax payments  for the vehicles visiting from other states 

         a) Uttar Pradesh


         b)   Rajasthan 


          c)    Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, & Jharkhand            


                  Please click on “payment” option on upper lefthand side,  chose “Tax payment” and then desired state 

         d)     Punjab:


          e)     Uttarakhand


                   If the link is not working please cut and paste the link